Muybridge Studio
Hey There Young Fella!
Muybridge Studio is a silent film inspired 
photography team.

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Why  Muybridge ? Remember that  old sequence of  photographs placed together of a horse galloping? It was called " Sallie Gardner at a Gallop"  and it was one of the first production experiments that  lead to the developement of motion pictures. This sweet innovation was done by Eadweard Muybridge
We like to work and be busy and take each project with full responsability. Do you have an idea or somethigng that you want us to work? Send us a message and check our gallery. This is what we are currently working on. 
Our Team
This are the guys that make the black and white magic happen. We work as a trinity, each one of us is an important pillar of this amazing teather that we called Muybridge.

Charles Bower

Photographer and a wonderful Amateur Pianist. I'm the one in charge of the creative process, nothing is impossible for me.

Max Linder

Designer and Senior Cowboy. Want balance between lighting and color? You'll be chatting to me if you want your pictures to be perfect clear.

Mae Dahlberg

Human Resources and Professional Jewlery Lover. Locations, Sets and Costumes are my thing, it's all about the mood you set on work.
Our Inspiration
Tough color and sound are now in the "talkies", we consider silent film to be an inspiration. Portryaing emotion and a full script with no sound and color at all was difficult tough not impossible. We do black and white photography and consider silent film an inspiration.
Studio Address
2031 Berkley Rd. Sunnyvale Ca. 90527

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